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Custom made controller small


This is the PLC , the solar control .

By default, it has 2 sensors and 1 230V output, as does the solar controller. We adjust the number of inputs and outputs to the task, up to a maximum of 6 temperature sensors and 4 230V outputs, and write a custom program according to your request. Not only temperature sensors but also contacts (thermostat, pressostat, motor protection, switch, etc.) can be connected to the inputs. The outputs can be used, for example, for additional pumps, motorized valves, electric heating, etc. operation. One of the outputs can also be a contact, for example to start a gas boiler.

The controller comes standard with the required number of temperature sensors with a 6 meter cable.

If the number of inputs required is greater than 6 and the number of outputs required is greater than 4, then large box design .

Production Process


The controller is manufactured in consultation with you. To do this, please email a mechanical sketch or at least a textual description of how it should work. Based on these, I make a conceptual drawing free of charge, which we can refine as needed. Accordingly, we make the controller, burn the program and setup parameters. The following files will be sent to you:

  • Data Sheet
    1. Number of inputs, name, type
    2. Number of outputs, name, type
    3. Factory settings
      1. Submenu Name
      2. Parameter names, set values
      3. Operational Matrix
      4. Installation

        If requested, we can also install the appliance, but you can have it installed bí yourself or by a local technician according to the data sheet.

        If, after manufacturing and commissioning, it becomes apparent on the site that a parameter needs to be changed, you can do so by entering the menu. Or, if you do not want this, we will send you an replacement chip in the envelope with the modified parameters free of charge (please use the old chip to send back). You can either send the controller back for reprogramming, but this is the most costly way because of the double postage that you would be charged. However, if the logic of operation also needs to be changed, you cannot implement it. The chip must be replaced or the controller returned for reprogramming. I recommend chip replacement .

        To change parameters:

        The controls are made in English (or other languages ​​on request). Below the bottom left, there are two small buttons, which you can press to enter the menu system. The stack above them must be pulled off before the parameter setting can be started. There is no need for a description to change the parameters as the display always shows what you can set and how.

        Interpreting the status matrix (only if you want to go into detail)

        You will find an operational matrix detail in the images. This is described in full detail in the operation of the controller, but you as the customer do not have to deal with it. During the conciliation I will do this.

        But if you're interested, let's see what a line item means:

        The first column shows the operating status:
        home heating 1
        This text (without the number) will be read on the controller display when this operating condition exists. Number 1 indicates that there will be another similar operating condition: home heating 2. More than one operating condition can occur at the same time, of course, only if they are not mutually exclusive.

        The second column is the serial number of the operating state, which is 6. Numbering starts at 1, scrolls up to 1.

        Now the interesting part comes: a lot of x, some 0 and some 1. Or each column has a condition above it. Unused columns have no string text or just x in the table section.

        If we look at the line 'home heating 1', 1 is in the following columns:

        • boiler for hot heating
        • boiler up hot
        or 0 in one column only:
        • boiler emergency too hot
        This operating condition occurs when the conditions of columns 1 are met and the conditions of columns 0 are not met. The conditions of the x columns do not matter. In other words, operating mode 6 occurs when the boiler is hot for heating, but the boiler is hot, but the boiler is not too hot.


        The price of the controller also includes the preparation of the program with any modifications.

        If the maximum number of inputs or outputs is not required, their position on the PCB will remain blank


        • It is not up to you to work out the system, but you can entrust it to a specialist with considerable experience in the subject
        • Flexible usability, that is to say, controls that serial controllers don't know or are very expensive
        • Clear operation and display texts (see video)
        • You can also modify or expand it later. If in practice it turns out that it should work a little differently, you do not need to wiring or installing new relays, time relays, but simply replacing the chip. During the installation phase, we will send the replacement chip free of charge, but please return the old one.
        • Low Price


        • Limited number of inputs and outputs (6 and 4)
        • Not one click order

        Sensor data:

        Outer diameter: 9 mm
        Sensor cables length: 6 m
        Maximum allowable temperature: 125 ° C.


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